Monday, October 20, 2014

On Freedom

Government is by the people for the people, not the elected individuals pride and ego, but the service of those that put them in office.  It's a free government of free men, until it fails to remember to let men live free, not beneath it, but beside it.

When it fails to do that, it is not free government, it is sovereignty, and that's something our nation shed it's blood to be rid of.

Remember that when you vote here in the near future, remember that as you pick up your phone, sign that petition, that letter, tools of the law abiding, to let your voice be heard.

They may be small things, but small things wielded by thousands have changed history. We can only hope that is still true.



  1. We shall see shortly. I hope you are right.

  2. What you said, and what Kelly said. I hope you're both correct.

  3. Well said, and LONG overdue...

  4. Sadly with one side importing illegal voters by the buss load, I am afraid of what this election will give us. But Im gonna do what I can so....fingers crossed.

  5. I am finally watching JOHN ADAMS, the miniseries.
    (I know, a latecomer)
    EVERYONE should watch it before voting, especially if they intend to re-vote in the fascist-statists!
    (descends soapbox)


  6. Good Words ... been awhile since I have stopped by, even my own blog, I post but one or two times a month, but glad to be able to renew some of the blogging friends I have had over the years since it all began for me, back in 2007.

  7. >Don't vote
    "You didn't vote, you can't complain!"

    >Vote for 3rd party candidate you actually support
    "You threw away your vote, thanks for electing Obama!"

    >Vote for one of the two nearly identical mainstream big government candidates, your guy loses
    "The people have spoken, tough luck!"

    >Vote for one of the two nearly identical mainstream big government candidates, your guy wins
    "All the evil, stupid things the government does are your fault!"

    There is no winning play

  8. Be sure to double check your vote counted for the actual candidate you choose........


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