Friday, December 5, 2014

HOTR Gang! - Paw it Forward With a Click for a Friend

Miss Piggy is a lab rescue that belongs to an online friend and supporter of The Book of Barkley--  one of the folks at Lab Rescue of the LRCP (Maryland).

They've entered Miss Piggy in a photo contest for Quaker Pet Group.  VOTING ENDS IN JUST A FEW HOURS AND THERE'S ONLY 7 VOTES BETWEEN 1ST and 2ND PLACE.  The winner wins a BIG box of dog toys to go to the shelter of their choice (plus one for them) which Miss Piggy's Mom hopes to win for their many dogs as they await their forever homes with the Lab Rescue folks that helped her get such a wonderful home.

Please click on the link tonight until midnight and vote for Miss Piggy (Black lab on first page)  You click on the little box above and to the right of the dog.  They collect NO personal information from your click.

Thanks for helping my friends while I head home for the weekend.

Here's the Link!

UPDATE:  Just found out Sat. 5 pm Central time that Miss Piggy has won.  Thank you, all of the readers that voted for her. A big box of toys from the generous folks at the Quaker Pet Group will go to the Rescue organization that saved Miss Piggy some time ago.


  1. Wish I could but no book of face.

  2. I did it last night. Last I saw, She was up by about 1300 votes... Yay!

  3. I just got a response from QPG (Quaker Pet Group) and Miss Piggy won!



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