Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Night off - just got home from work after taking care of Dad for a few days last week. Dad had an x- ray due to some digestive issues. He's got a large mass in his colon which they checked out further. With his age, another cancer a few years ago, and heart issues, surgery is not an option for him and he refuses any other treatment.

He's comfortable, Such tumors usually don't cause a lot of pain. He's happy the Seahawks won (I know, I know, but he's my Dad) and my dear cousin Liz (the pretty blond with the horse and the mountain home from this summer that Dad loves like a daughter) and her big fluffy dogs will stay with him through the New Year until I can get back.

No need to leave a comment - but prayers for his well being are appreciated. He might have a few more months, it might be tomorrow-- we really don't know. He's almost 95 and has outlived two wives and two children and he's said he's ready to join them, though he takes his meds, curses Football teams from back East,  does his daily physical therapy and beats his full time home health nurses I got for him so he doesn't have to go into a "home", in cribbage--daily.  Badly.  (he's a wicked cribbage player).  Who knows.   His  sister got Lymphoma at 92 and was told she had 6 months and lived 4 more years. God is good--we'll stick with His plan.