Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This Just Made My Day - Help Me Make Someone Else's

The Book of Barkley is #9 in genre at Amazon.  Right next to James Herriot's work - which I absolutely adored reading as I grew up. This was the best thing all week!

Through Midnight Thursday - ALL proceeds from the book are going to Lab Rescue Illinois and Wisconin  (LEARN)) for Operation Peanut's Promise--to help that large group of poorly neglected Labrador Retrievers they got from a "breeder" (I have another term for that "breeder" but this is a family blog.) 

Please take a moment and click on these words:   Peanut's Promise.

I'm also matching funds for sales from Christmas Day to New Years to:

If you haven't bought a paperback Book of Barkley, please consider picking one up from Amazon to help in those fundraising efforts or consider a donation directly to LEARN or Help #OldDogsShine this Holiday season in Barkley's Memory.Click on the book cover on the sidebar for ordering information.

Thanks for your friendship and continued support of something I hold very close to my heart.


  1. Wow - "next to James Herriot". That's some heady company!

  2. Who's gonna play you in the TV series?

  3. Wow--James Herriot is really coming up in the world to be featured next to our Brigid. :-)

  4. I was thinking a different Red.
    Julianne Moore, maybe.

  5. Ed - thank you! Actually I've been told I look VERY much like Diana Rigg in her Mrs. Peale days. (except I might need a shoe horn after the holidays to get into my leather cat suit).

  6. It looks like my last comment disappeared, so I'll try again.
    That's pretty cool. Congrats.
    After you sent me a copy of the book (thanks again), I requested that my local library purchase it. Today I got an email:

    This message is to inform you that the item you requested is now

    The Book of Barkley: Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever by Johnson, L. B

    Again, congratulations.

  7. Is the book available in hardcover?

  8. Daniel - this is the first comment that popped up. Blogger eats their young sometimes. That is so awesome. I got asked to speak to a big city book club and when I asked where they found it--they said the library. And not MY library. Thank you SO much for requesting it and for your support.

    Glenn B - no hardcover, to keep the purchase price down for a first time author, but the paperback quality turned out REALLY nice and would make a gift I'd not be embarrassed to give. Also Kindle and Nook. Thanks for asking!

  9. I'll get the paperback. Any difference, relative to helping the fund raising, between buying from Amazon or Barnes & Noble at the link you supplied when one clicks the Barkley link over on the right?

  10. Glenn - get the Amazon. Barnes and Noble does not have a feature where I can track weekly sales so there is no way to figure out what monies came in that should go to the Rescue organizations. Again - our thanks.

  11. Congrats Brigid! That is so awesome! What an awesome accomplishment and you're doing so much with the animal donations on top of it. You're an awesome lady! I was telling my mom about the book and she's interested so after I check the bank account I'll hopefully be heading over to Amazon!

  12. Next to a James Herriott collection in rank? Wow! That's impressive! He was always a favorite author of mine. (I even met him once!)

    Your generosity for the Rescue dogs touches me deeply, but you already knew that... Thank you.

  13. Asking our library to get one is a great idea.

    From my limited experience, probably good idea to refer to ISBN number as well as title, author and publisher when dealing with libraries.

    Outskirts Press, Inc
    ISBN: 9781478734345

  14. I can confirm the paperback is good quality. I got a copy for Dad for Christmas. :) We all love our dogs down here in Alabama :)

  15. Thank you everyone - I'm hoping to be able to provide a nice check to these people come New Years to help the dogs.

    May you all have a safe and happy New Years - be thankful for the small blessings as they keep us going through the larger losses
    Love - Brigid, EJ and Abby Normal the Lab

  16. Sarah - if your budget doesn't allow it - drop me your address and I'll mail you one. You've been a kind and gentle reader for a long time here.
    Just put "do not post" and leave the address, keep it short so I can see it without posting.

  17. Happy New Year, Brigid. From Newt the beagle, Asta the Tailless Manx, Bishop and Cleo the macaws and Ripley the gray parrot, who is the King of the World!

    Michael B

  18. Ms B,
    I think that they should get Mariette Hartley to play you.
    She's a red head, right?


    Rich in NC

  19. Congrats!!!
    Happy New Year...
    Going to Bill's Gun Shop for some fun next week....


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