Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hits and Mrs.

I had my annual check up which includes the usual "female" type checks and cancer screenings. Since I have no family history available-- we watch things close. The basic medical went just fine, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers still what they were in my 30's which is great, but we had to wait for the female check results in the mail.  Good news - I got the report--excellent health and clean cancer screens and left it for my husband on the dining room table as I left for a late shift, leaving him a message on his work phone --"female check up report is in and on the dining room table table"

Unfortunately, in the dark, what I left was not the note from my doctor-- but the note from the dog walker who takes Abby the Lab out at lunchtime each day.

 I can only imagine his face as he read this--

 12/19 Nice! Cold though! She pooped and frolicked!